The Telegram Bot to manage and protect groups

Group Help simplifies the management, administration and security of your group

What is Group Help for?

Have you ever received Telegram in your group spam, adder, flood, people who send porno, NSFW, swearing, links, ecc.?
Group Help is the automatic moderator that manages your Telegram group and punishes malicious users automatically for you.

How does Group Help work?

Just add Group Help Bot to your group as an administrator and configure it with the command /settings. It will be ready to protect the your group from spam, flood and attacks.
You can set banned words so that the ban or mute of a user in the group when sent.
There is an anti-porn filter to be enabled to automatically delete and punish those who send content pornographic in your group.
You can adjust all kinds of punishments including message deletion, user ban, user mute etc.
There is a captcha check to prevent the entry of VoIP users who automatically spam your group.

Main Group Help functions

    • Captcha - Ask users who join the group to resolve a captcha, to filter out unwanted automatic logins.
    • Anti-spam - Automatically delete spam messages sent to the group and punish the sender.
    • Anti-flood - Block those who send a lot of messages in too little time trying to damage the group.
    • Anti-porn - Group Help can detect and punish anyone who submits NSFW material in your group.
    • Banned words - Create a list of words to ban: anyone who uses them will be punished.
    • Night mode - Nobody will be able to send media and links (or no messages) at night and your group will be even safer.
    • Welcome message - Set a message to be sent every time a user joins your Telegram group.
    • Group regulation - The /rules command allows users to easily consult the rules of your group.
    • Custom commands - You can create your own custom commands which the bot will respond to as you please.
    • Sending repeated messages - Send messages in the group that repeat automatically with a certain frequency of your choice (for example every 3 hours).
    • Channel subscription obligation - Only allow users who are subscribed to your Telegram channel to write (or stay) in the group.
    • Log Channel - Everything that happens in your group will be recorded on a private channel, so you can be consulted whenever you want and forever.

Start protecting your group now!

Getting started protecting and managing your group better with Group Help Bot is very simple: click here to add the bot to the group, then set it as administrator and send the command /settings to manage the bot at 360° in all its functions and automations.

Customize your Group Help Bot - create a clone

If you want to make your bot even more unique, you can create a customized Group Help bot clone with a name and profile photo of your choice.
Click here to find out how to create your own personalized copy for free in minutes.