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🚷 The Group Help BlockList is a preventive blocking format created in order to penalize only people who do acts aimed at damaging groups.

👤 Only accounts that have been found to be harmful to the groups are added in BlockList, that is: users who carry out flood, raid, boost actions, participation in stormer teams, sending NSFW material where not allowed, sending child pornography material, who abuses or attempts to damage the services offered by the bot, who impersonates the bot or pretends to be part of the official support of it. All other accounts that we believe are managed by a person who already has at least one account in the BlockList are also entered in the BlockList.

🕓 The permanence of an account in Blocklist has a minimum duration of 30 days, and in some cases it can be extended indefinitely.

ℹī¸ In order to request the removal from the blocklist, contact @GroupHelpBot -> Support, by the blocklisted account.